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Petersfield video


Wedding Video

Petersfield Video

If the video is for the good of the people of Petersfield, then there will be no charge,


 These videos are usually local Events, Videos of landmarks, tradition , charities etc.

  All videos are different (thank goodness for that, otherwise I would get very bored). So charges are difficult to estimate because of time,weather,equipment,noise,light, transport etc.

As a rough guide think on about £35.00 per hour for our services.

 With video and editing it seems a minimum would work out at £70.00 for one camera per hour. (Filming plus editing and publishing).

 We will do everything we can to ensure you get the best service for the best price.

So please contact us and ask for a quote.

 Our videos are in High definition.

Hope you enjoy them!

Your Business Video

Your business is very important to us.

It is important that you include as much information as you can for the video without becoming too tiresome (trying to make a tax accountant video needs much imagination to make it exciting...but it can be done.!)

 A consultation by phone,e mail or skype can be arranged as to what equipment will be needed.

 The video is taken and then will be edited and sound edited in "the cutting room".

 Another meeting will take place to show the video and a copy can be given if needed for partners or absent decision makers need to OK the video.

 Once the video is approved ,  we then publish it on our site .

 A copy of the video is then given to you in any format for you .

This video is yours.


 You should use the video  to its full potential.

 1. Place it on your website

2.Place it on all your social media pages

3.You can place it on a screen in the place of your business( most T.V screens have usb inputs and therefore can be used as a perfect delivery of your video in meetings or public areas.


Should you have any difficulty putting the video on your website  or playing it on any device, we can help you there too.

 If you have someone doing your website for you we can give them all the relevant files they should need to  put your new video on your website.

Wedding Video


Consideration is needed and a meeting required to discuss the format of the wedding, camera locations, Light, timing schedule, amount of cameras needed, location coordinater, stag night, hen night,pre wedding video, morning of wedding, interviews,liase with photographer etc.

 Finished product i.e. DVD,usb, Facebook/youtube/vimeo page,Live feed.

Initial consultation is free. We are happy to talk.



Wedding Videography by


About 5 wedding videos compiled into one show suggesting you might like to use for your next wedding video



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